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Bryan Hayward

Keyboards, Vocals

Bryan Hayward, a talented multi-instrumentalist and singer, hails from West Virginia and is now a long-standing resident of New Jersey. His musical journey began early, starting to play in cover bands at the age of 17 and later progressing to original bands while he pursued his music studies at Mason Gross / Rutgers College. In the 1990s, Bryan was part of a successful STARS club band, a venture he shared with Richard Rodriguez, also of “Almost Santana.”

During the early 2000s, he showcased his skills as a vocalist and guitarist in several bands. Currently, Bryan brings his talents to “Almost Santana,” where he excels as a keyboardist. In addition to his performance career, he is a prolific singer-songwriter and has released several albums. His most recent work, “Oh Buoy,” is available through Aluminaire Music on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and others.

Bryan's passion for all genres of music is evident in his excitement to perform Santana’s music with “Almost Santana.” He regards this band as comprising some of the best musicians he has ever collaborated with. The band covers the extensive range of Santana's repertoire, from the classic tunes first performed at Woodstock to the hits spanning the last two decades, creating a vibrant musical experience for listeners of all ages.

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