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Rich Rodriguez

Percussion, Guitar, Vocals

Richard, born in New York City, and raised in Hudson County, New Jersey, demonstrated an early passion for music, commencing his journey as a drummer at the tender age of five. By the age of twelve, he had already embarked on his inaugural musical endeavor, forming his very first band. In his formative years, Richard achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the first freshman to secure a position within his school’s esteemed jazz band, a distinction he proudly retained until his graduation. Simultaneously, throughout his high school tenure, he actively contributed his musical talents to prominent regional bands, notably “Safari” and “2nd Edition.” Upon enrolling at Montclair State University as a music major, Richard’s trajectory initially seemed set; however, a subsequent pivot led him to pursue studies in business management. It was during the early nineties that he took a pivotal step in his musical career, joining the ranks of the popular ensemble “The Nerds” as a percussionist. This association saw him perform extensively throughout the tri-state area, including memorable appearances along the famed Jersey shore and a culminating performance at The PNC Art Center. A profound admiration for Santana’s distinctive Latin Rock sound fueled Richard’s entrepreneurial spirit, leading him to establish “Soul Sacrifice,” a Santana tribute band comprising some of New Jersey’s most accomplished musicians. As the band evolved, it was aptly rebranded as “Almost Santana,” reflecting its continued dedication to paying homage to the iconic musical legacy of Santana. Richard’s enduring commitment to music and his remarkable journey in the industry stands as a testament to his unwavering passion and dedication.

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